The holdings reflected in these monthly reports are held in various non-registered and registered accounts.

Please click on the links below to access the Excel files in which I reflect the holdings within the FFJ Portfolio.

FFJ Portfolio August 31 2020

FFJ Portfolio July 31 2020

FFJ Portfolio June 30 2020

FFJ Portfolio May 31 2020

FFJ Portfolio April 30 2020

FFJ Portfolio March 31 2020

FFJ Portfolio February 29 2020

FFJ Portfolio January 31 2020

FFJ Portfolio December 31 2019

FFJ Portfolio November 30 2019

FFJ Portfolio October 31 2019

FFJ Portfolio September 30 2019

FFJ Portfolio August 31 2019

FFJ Portfolio July 31 2019

FFJ Portfolio June 30 2019

FFJ Portfolio May 31 2019

FFJ Portfolio April 30 2019

FFJ Portfolio March 31 2019

FFJ Portfolio February 28 2019

FFJ Portfolio January 31 2019

FFJ Portfolio December 31 2018

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