AbbVie’s Current Valuation Is Not Attractive

In my October 31, 2021 post, I disclosed a new 200 share Abbvie Inc. (ABBV) position; I acquired shares @ $108.70/share on October 22, 2021 in one of the 'Core' accounts in the FFJ Portfolio. ABBV subsequently released Q3 and YTD2021 results on October 29 by which time its share price had run up to [...]

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Broadridge Is Reasonably Valued

After an attractive share price pullback and the release of Q2 and YTD results on February 1, 2022, Broadridge (BR) is reasonably valued. In my December 4, 2021 Broadridge Financial Solutions (BR) stock analysis I conclude that: 'As recently as late October, BR's share price was ~$185. Based on current FY2022 earnings estimates from 8 [...]

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FFJ Portfolio – January 2022 Report

This is my FFJ Portfolio - January 2022 Report; previous monthly reports are accessible in the Archives. The actual monthly reports are accessible here. Purchases  During January, the decline in the share price of many high-quality companies resulted in somewhat more attractive valuations than in recent months. I, therefore, took the opportunity to initiate positions [...]

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