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Henry and his Wife’s Journey to Financial Freedom

When I initially created this blog I never thought I would encounter so many people who are passionate about taking their financial destiny into their own hands. Perhaps the #1 reason many readers have done this is because nobody else is going to treat their, and their family’s, financial future with the same level of [...]

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The Basics of Investing

As a follow up to my Constructing a Dividend Portfolio post I thought I would touch upon my position as it relates to the basics of investing. What I share below are observations and findings based on my personal experiences over the course of many years as an investor in individual companies. [...]

How To Bridge The Gap Between Your Financial Goals And Real Life

By Stacy B. Miller Our personal financial goals are sky-high. Our goal is to be someone like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, but the reality is something different. Most of us fail to reach 50% of our personal financial goals at the end of the year. We write our goals on a piece of paper [...]

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Constructing a Dividend Portfolio

I have received a few inquiries of late as to: how much should an investor have before beginning to invest in individual equities; what is a reasonable number of equities to hold in a portfolio for proper diversification; how to construct a diversified dividend income producing portfolio. I don’t think there is a definitive answer [...]


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