Can Nike Overcome Its Challenges?

There is no disputing that Nike (NKE) has experienced its fair share of challenges in recent years. Soft demand for sportswear in key markets and an increasingly competitive industry has resulted in lacklustre top line growth. In FY2020 and FY2024, for example, NKE reported a decline in YoY sales growth. On the Q4 2024 earnings [...]

Brown-Forman – Nothing Better?

My analysis of Brown-Forman is accessible through my guest post at Dividend Power. When I wrote my December 13, 2016 Brown-Forman Corporation Stock Analysis: Enriching Life? Not Lately! post, the company's slogan was Enriching Life. Now, the company's slogan is Nothing Better. If Brown-Forman (BF) is talking about its investment performance, nothing could be further [...]

Increase In West Pharmaceutical Exposure

In my May 20 West Pharmaceutical (WST) post, I disclosed the purchase of an additional 100 shares @ ~$345.56 in the FFJ Portfolio on May 20 after listening to WST's presentation at BofA's Health Care Conference 2024. Nothing has materially changed following that purchase. WST's share price has, however, experienced subsequent weakness thus leading me [...]

FFJ Portfolio Adjustments Before Capital Gains Tax Changes Arrive

The purpose of this brief post is to disclose the FFJ Portfolio adjustments I have made before capital gains tax changes arrive in Canada. In addition, I disclose the purchase of additional CME Group (CME) shares. On April 16, 2024, the Canadian federal government proposed an increase to the capital gains inclusion rate as part [...]

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I Will Not Touch TransDigm Group

I will not touch TransDigm Group (TDG) despite it having been an immensely rewarding investment since going public in 2006. Not only is its lofty valuation an area of concern, its liberal use of debt is well beyond my risk tolerance. On occasion, I will invest in a company whose leverage is elevated because it [...]

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Stop Active Trading!

Heed the advice of Charlie Munger. Stop active trading! The Big Money Is Not In The Buying And The Selling But In The Waiting In my recent Focus On Total Shareholder Return post, I discussed why fixating on dividend metrics to make investment decisions is ridiculous. In this post, I touch upon why you should [...]

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Focus On Total Shareholder Return

Some investors make investment decisions based on the number of consecutive years in which a company has increased its dividend and classify companies using the following terminology: Dividend King; Dividend Champion; Dividend Contender; Dividend Achiever; or Dividend Aristocrat I am at a loss as to why dividend metrics should be relevant in the investment decision [...]

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Exit The Toronto-Dominion Bank

In my May 13 post, I disclosed that I had exited The Bank of Montreal (BMO), The Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS), and The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM). I am now pleased to report that I have exited The Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD). My only remaining exposure to the Canadian banking sector is The [...]

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