Nike Exposure Increased

Some investors who acquired Nike (NKE) shares in 2021 when they were overvalued, wouldn't consider buying shares now that they are undervalued. Other investors who fixate on stock charts will look at NKE's mid-September 2019 share price and the current share price (~$90 as I compose this post) only to find they are fairly similar [...]

Low-Risk Paychex Remains Attractively Valued

I last reviewed Paychex (PAYX) in this June 30 post at which time I determined shares were attractively valued. This was encouraging considering that for the past several months I struggled to identify fairly or attractively valued high-quality companies. Fortunately, the valuation pendulum has swung significantly of late thus presenting investors with a larger pool [...]

RTX Corporation Exposure Increased

In my July 29 post, I reviewed RTX Corporation (RTX) following the release of Q2 and YTD2023 results. In releasing Q2 results, RTX informed the investment community that its Pratt & Whitney (P&W) operating segment identified microscopic contaminants in a metal used in part of the Geared Turbofan (GTF) engines that power Airbus' popular A320neo [...]

Rollins Exposure Increased

In my August 26 Rollins (ROL) post, I reference the company's $1.5B shelf registration. One of the purposes of this shelf registration was to provide the company with liquidity to help the Rollins family divest a portion of their holdings. I concluded that post by stating 'Although ROL shares are not inexpensive, I intend to [...]

HEICO Is Firing On All Cylinders

HEICO Corporation has two classes of common stock (HEI and HEI.a). Both classes of shares are virtually identical in all economic respects except voting rights. The difference is that each HEI share is entitled to one vote per share while each HEI.a share is entitled to a 1/10 vote per share. This post focuses on [...]

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