Books For Investing And Life

After several suggestions over a few years (I work quickly), I have added a 'Books' page. On this page, I share a selection of books I have found to be entertaining and/or thought-provoking. I have also added FFJ Portfolio Holdings and FFJ Portfolio Monthly Dividend Income links at the top of the website. I try [...]

Recommended Reading

This post is in response to inquiries about recommended reading. Other recommendations will be provided at a later date. On May 25, 2016, the 'work thing' ended and I got my life back. This is when I made a commitment to exercise more regularly. I have kept that commitment and typically have daily ~2-hour high-intensity [...]

Buy Chevron While Undervalued

Chevron's (CVX) share price has slid from its early November 2022 ~$190 peak to ~$147 following the release of its Q3 2023 report that showed rising expenses from overseas projects, most notably in Kazakhstan. The world, however, needs energy and CVX is positioning itself to play a key role in helping meet the world's future [...]

S&P Global Remains Overvalued

I last reviewed S&P Global (SPGI) in my July 29 post following the release of Q2 and YTD2023 results on July 27. With the release of Q3 and YTD2023 results and revised FY2023 guidance on November 2, I revisit this existing holding. Business Overview Please read Part 1 - Item 1 - Business in the [...]

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