3 Great Growth Stocks For Long-Term Investors

Investors who look for attractive total potential long-term investment opportunities may want to consider the following 3 great growth stocks: Danaher Corporation (DHR) Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) Stryker Corporation (SYK) I have covered all 3 companies in recent posts. When I make investment suggestions, I typically 'put my money on the line'; I acquire shares in [...]

Investment Holdings Review

In my recent FFJ Portfolio – December 2021 Report I mention that the weightings of our investment holdings have changed from the time of my April 2021 review. In this post, I compare our top 30 holdings (held within the FFJ Portfolio and in accounts for which I do not disclose details) relative to the [...]

FFJ Portfolio – December 2021 Report

This is my FFJ Portfolio - December 2021 Report; previous monthly reports are accessible in the Archives. The actual monthly reports are accessible here. In 2021, I transferred holdings between tax-advantaged and taxable accounts for tax planning purposes. One such transfer is addressed in my December 20, 2021 BMO’s Bank of the West Acquisition Bulks [...]

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