I have recently modified the site’s format. You can now access my FFJ Portfolio and the FFJ Portfolio Dividend Income reports from the menu at the top of this site. I have also modified the reporting format of the monthly dividend income report in an effort to make it easier to read.

During the month of August the dividends I received and automatically reinvested enabled me to acquire the following number of new shares: Royal Bank of Canada (3), Smart REIT (5), AT&T (5), Colgate (1), Hormel (1), and Verizon (5).

As noted in my July 2017 update, I received CDN $583.68 in dividends from 768 BNS shares on July 27th. Seven additional BNS shares, however, were only purchased August 4, 2017. In certain cases there is a lag of several days before the shares purchased via automatic dividend reinvestment appear in my account.

I added 400 MasterCard (MA) and 400 Enbridge (ENB) shares in August 2017. MA’s current dividend is USD$0.22/share quarterly and ENB’s is CDN$0.61/share. I expect receipt of MA dividends in November and I received my first ENB dividend payment on September 1, 2017.

If I extrapolate the YTD2017 monthly dividend trend I am confident my 2017 CDN dividend income will be ~CDN$11,500 and the US dividend income will be ~USD$10,500.

I fully intend to continue to automatically reinvest all dividends generated through the FFJ Portfolio in 2018.

Note: I sincerely appreciate the time you took to read this post. As always, please leave any feedback and questions you may have in the “Contact Me Here” section to the right.