Stelco’s Impending Initial Public Offering – Avoid It at All Costs

When I originally thought of creating this blog and forming the Financial Freedom is a Journey Community, my intent was to provide a forum in which a community of people could share ideas on how to become financially free.

My wife and I became financially free several years ago. I can assure you that once you become financially free it is a whole lot easier to cope with less than pleasant things that are bound to surface at some stage of your life.

We became financially free by doing several things right. Two of those “things” were to:

  1. invest in wonderful companies and let them do the heavy lifting for you;
  2. avoid fair companies regardless of valuation as the likelihood is they will just part you from your money.

In today’s post I want to share with you something that will help you with point #2 reflected above. This post is particularly pertinent to Canadian residents. Continue reading “Stelco’s Impending Initial Public Offering – Avoid It at All Costs”