Sure Dividend Blog – The Investor’s Toolbox: How To Analyze Financial Statements

I thought I would take a moment to bring to your attention the recent launch of The Investor’s Toolbox: How To Analyze Financial Statements. This is a wonderful online course by Sure Dividend. This course is not tailored for individuals who are pursuing their Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation or who are enrolled in a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. Rather, it has been created for individuals who wish to take control of their own investment decisions but who may require some education on how to properly read/analyze financial statements. Continue reading “Sure Dividend Blog – The Investor’s Toolbox: How To Analyze Financial Statements”

Charitable Donations – How to Make Donations in Kind

In December 2016 I wrote a post about How to Obtain Information on the Financial Transparency and Operating Efficiency of Canadian and US Charities. In this post I touch upon “donations in kind” and in particular the donation of shares in companies listed on a major stock exchange.

The definition of a “Share” can be found on the Canada Revenue Agency’s website.

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FFJ Portfolio – September 2017 Dividend Income Report

It is that time again for a status report on the FFJ Portfolio.

In September I borrowed $5000.00 from the Canadian portion of Investment Account #1 as we had some major expenses; our daughter’s tuition/books and various annual insurance premiums had to be paid.

In order to reduce the balance owing I decided to suspend the automatic dividend reinvestment feature on the Canadian investments in Account #1. Dividends received in all the other accounts continue to be automatically reinvested. Continue reading “FFJ Portfolio – September 2017 Dividend Income Report”

Stelco’s Impending Initial Public Offering – Avoid It at All Costs

When I originally thought of creating this blog and forming the Financial Freedom is a Journey Community, my intent was to provide a forum in which a community of people could share ideas on how to become financially free.

My wife and I became financially free several years ago. I can assure you that once you become financially free it is a whole lot easier to cope with less than pleasant things that are bound to surface at some stage of your life.

We became financially free by doing several things right. Two of those “things” were to:

  1. invest in wonderful companies and let them do the heavy lifting for you;
  2. avoid fair companies regardless of valuation as the likelihood is they will just part you from your money.

In today’s post I want to share with you something that will help you with point #2 reflected above. This post is particularly pertinent to Canadian residents. Continue reading “Stelco’s Impending Initial Public Offering – Avoid It at All Costs”

Brookfield Asset Management – Calling All Long Term Investors


  • Brookfield Asset Management (“BAM”) is an ideal investment for investors with a long-term investment time horizon;
  • Its astute management team has developed a reputation which enables it to raise billions of dollars for investment purposes from institutional investors;
  • BAM has exposure in geographic regions where others may not venture. Limited competition for some acquisitions enables it to negotiate attractive terms;
  • BAM approaches its investments from a long-term perspective. You should approach any investment in BAM in the same manner;
  • Investors primarily seeking dividend income may wish to consider investing in 3 of BAM’s Limited Partnerships (BEP, BIP, and BPY);
  • September 27, 2017 is Brookfield’s Investor Day. Readers may wish to check BAM’s website shortly thereafter for any information presented.

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Henry and his Wife’s Journey to Financial Freedom

When I initially created this blog I never thought I would encounter so many people who are passionate about taking their financial destiny into their own hands. Perhaps the #1 reason many readers have done this is because nobody else is going to treat their, and their family’s, financial future with the same level of care.

Since starting this blog in late 2016 I have received countless emails from readers who indicated they just got sick and tired of being sick and tired of being taken advantage of by “financial professionals”. Eventually these readers decided to take their financial future in their own hands and through education they came to realize they can make pretty good investment decisions on their own.

In today’s post, Henry shares his story. He and I have corresponded for several months. His, and his wife’s story, is definitely inspirational so I was extremely pleased when he agreed to my request that he share his story and thoughts.

Henry is extremely sensitive to sharing too much information publicly. I know he stretched from his comfort zone to provide the information contained in this post and for that I am truly grateful.

Here goes….. Continue reading “Henry and his Wife’s Journey to Financial Freedom”

All Companies in Which We Own Shares

To date I have only provided information regarding the equity holdings held in accounts which I have decided to include in the FFJ Portfolio. I recognize this limited amount of information suggests our equity investments are less than adequately diversified. In an effort to address this shortcoming and to address some readers’ requests, I have created the enclosed spreadsheet in which I reflect the names and symbols of all companies in which we own shares. Continue reading “All Companies in Which We Own Shares”