Vontier – Stock Analysis

On June 5, 2021, I published this Vontier stock analysis in which I disclose a position within one of the 'Side' accounts in the FFJ Portfolio. This position originated by way of the Vontier (VNT) spin-off from Fortive Corporation (FTV) on October 9, 2020. Following that post, VNT: made a major acquisition announcement on July [...]

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Rollins – Stock Analysis

On June 10, 2021, I initiated a 500 Rollins (ROL) shares position @ ~$33.15/share and explained my rationale for doing so in this Rollins stock analysis. With the release of Q2 and YTD2021 results I now provide an update. Rollins - Stock Analysis - Business Overview Please refer to my June 10, 2021 post in [...]

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Becton Dickinson – Stock Analysis

I last reviewed Becton Dickinson in this February 5, 2021 post at which time Q1 2021 results and increased adjusted diluted EPS guidance had just been released. Fast forward to August 5, 2021, and BDX has released Q3 and YTD2021 results and increased FY2021 guidance. Following the release of these results, BDX's share price has [...]

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Raytheon Technologies – Fairly Valued

I have recently reviewed Northrop Grumman (NOC) in this June 21 post and Lockheed Martin (LMT) on July 14 and July 26. In keeping with the Aerospace and Defense sector theme, my Raytheon Technologies (RTX) guest post can be viewed at Dividend Power. Stay safe. Stay focused. I wish you much success on your journey [...]

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Carrier Global – Stock Analysis

When I initially invested in United Technologies Corporation (now Raytheon Technologies Corporation (RTX)) on April 18, 2008, I never quite understood the synergies between the Carrier and Otis divisions with the remainder of United Technologies. Following the April 3, 2020 divestiture of these two divisions and the creation of Carrier Global Corporation (CARR) Otis Worldwide [...]

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TELUS International – Stock Analysis

When I disclosed a position in TELUS International (Cda) Inc. (TIXT) in my February 16, 2021 post, I envisioned innumerable artificial intelligence (AI) powered services and solutions opportunities for TIXT to partner with clients to achieve game-changing, industry-disrupting and market-leading brand experiences. In this brief post, I examine what has transpired after my February purchase. [...]

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FFJ Portfolio – July 2021 Report

This is my FFJ Portfolio - July 2021 Report. In addition to writing posts on this site, my guest post about The Bank of Montreal was published at Dividend Power. FFJ Portfolio Holdings Monthly FFJ Portfolio holdings from December 2018 to July 2021 are found here. During the month I made the following purchases: Visa [...]

Goldman Sachs – Stock Analysis

I last reviewed Goldman Sachs (GS) in this January 22, 2021 post at which time I included a link to GS's Strategic Update. In that post, I also disclose the purchase of additional shares within one of the 'Side' accounts in the FFJ Portfolio. Looking at GS's YTD2021 results, I see that GS has made, [...]

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Lockheed Martin – Stock Analysis Update

In my July 14, 2021 Lockheed Martin (LMT) post, I disclose the purchase of an additional 50 shares in one of the Core accounts within the FFJ Portfolio. Now that LMT has: reported Q2 and YTD results on July 26; increased its FY2021 guidance; and investors have not reacted kindly to LMT's strong results I [...]

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Exxon Mobil – Buy While Undervalued

I encourage you to read my July 22, 2021 Chevron Corporation – Buy While Undervalued post. In that post, I touch upon my outlook for oil and gas and why I acquired an additional 100 CVX shares on July 22 within a 'Core' account in the FFJ Portfolio. On July 22, I also acquired another [...]

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