Johnson & Johnson Stock Analysis – Dividend Machine


  • JNJ warrants a position in your investment portfolio because of its financial strength, historical performance, and future growth prospects.
  • It has been and will remain a long-term hold in our retirement accounts and in the FFJ Portfolio.
  • JNJ is 1 of only 2 companies rated AAA by Moody’s which provides me peace of mind that my investment is not at risk.
  • It is a member of the exclusive Dividend Kings group having increased its dividend for 50+ years.
  • The shares are currently not on sale but are priced reasonably which prompted me to recently acquire additional shares.
  • The recent dividends landed in our investment account within hours before receiving a text requesting funds to cover school related expenses.

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Sites and Files

This page contains the various files and sites I have used. I hope you can put them to good use!

Equity Investing

Spreadsheet to Track Dividends Received Monthly

Spreadsheet to Track 1/4ly Dividend Growth and Companies In Which We Own Shares


CDN Monthly Cashflow Analysis

USD Monthly Cashflow Analysis

Bank of Canada Investment Calculator

Bank of Canada Inflation Calculator

US Consumer Price Index Inflation Calculator

Real Estate

Statement of Adjustments for Rental Property Purchase


Personal Record Log Book

The Basics of Investing

As a follow up to my Constructing a Dividend Portfolio post I thought I would touch upon my position as it relates to the basics of investing. What I share below are observations and findings based on my personal experiences over the course of many years as an investor in individual companies. Continue reading “The Basics of Investing”

How To Bridge The Gap Between Your Financial Goals And Real Life

By Stacy B. Miller

Our personal financial goals are sky-high. Our goal is to be someone like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, but the reality is something different. Most of us fail to reach 50% of our personal financial goals at the end of the year. We write our goals on a piece of paper and resolve to get them done. We discuss our goals and aspirations with friends and family. We create a budget and a ‘to do’ list. But as days turn into months, we forget about them. Nothing happens.

I don’t think anyone wishes to fail at their personal finance goals. So why do people fail to attain their goals? Why is there a gap between financial goals and real life? Let us find out. Continue reading “How To Bridge The Gap Between Your Financial Goals And Real Life”

FFJ Portfolio – August 2017 Dividend Income Report

I have recently modified the site’s format. You can now access my FFJ Portfolio and the FFJ Portfolio Dividend Income reports from the menu at the top of this site. I have also modified the reporting format of the monthly dividend income report in an effort to make it easier to read.

During the month of August the dividends I received and automatically reinvested enabled me to acquire the following number of new shares: Royal Bank of Canada (3), Smart REIT (5), AT&T (5), Colgate (1), Hormel (1), and Verizon (5). Continue reading “FFJ Portfolio – August 2017 Dividend Income Report”

Constructing a Dividend Portfolio

I have received a few inquiries of late as to:

  • how much should an investor have before beginning to invest in individual equities;
  • what is a reasonable number of equities to hold in a portfolio for proper diversification;
  • how to construct a diversified dividend income producing portfolio.

I don’t think there is a definitive answer to any of the above but I thought I would devote a post to share my thoughts. Continue reading “Constructing a Dividend Portfolio”