High Quality Investment Ideas

Courtesy of a Financial Freedom is a Journey follower in Australia I previously provided a link to an interview he conducted with Magellan Financial Group’s (Australia) Chief Investment Officer Hamish Douglass. In that interview, Hamish shared 4 of his best high quality US publicly traded investment ideas.

In this article I provide a link to a more recent interview my contact conducted with Hamish Douglass in which Hamish discusses the art of investing in international equities.

In this December 24th article, I provided a link to a video in which Vishal Teckchandani, nabtrade’s Customer Insights Manager, interviews Hamish Douglass, Chief Investment Officer, Magellan Financial Group in Australia. In that interview, Hamish shared 4 of his best investment ideas. The companies he referenced were US companies and since Hamish is based in Australia they were viewed as ‘international’ stocks.

Vishal, a follower of this blog, has once again been kind enough to forward a link to his most recent interview with Hamish Douglass. In this interview, Hamish discusses the art of investing in international equities and shares the following 6 simple guiding principles for investors wanting to gain exposure to international equities.

  • Use the Power of Compounding;
  • Stick to Quality Businesses;
  • Don’t be a Fly in a Bottle;
  • Consider What You Use as a Starting Point;
  • Make a Few Good Decisions; and
  • Look at Currency Movements as a One-Off.

Thankfully, my top 20 holdings comprise over 80% of the value of our overall holdings and these companies are high quality. It is nice not to be a fly in a bottle.

I highly recommend you listen to this interview (it is just under 15 minutes).

I wish you much success on your journey to financial freedom.

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