Time for a quick update on what transpired with the FFJ Portfolio during the month of May.

I have modified the report from the previously used format so as to provide more clarity about the holdings within the FFJ Portfolio with more clarity.

FFJ Portfolio May 31 2017

In April 2017 I transferred TSX: RY shares and additional TSX: BCE shares to the FFJ Portfolio. My previous dividend income report did not reflect the dividends we had collected from these two companies in January and February 2017. I have amended the monthly dividend income report to include $212.94 in BCE dividends collected in January and $311.25 in RY dividends collected in February.

As you can see from the enclosed report, we have collected YTD almost $4,800 in CDN dividends and almost $3,400 in US dividends. I have not amended the annual targets CDN $7,000 and US$11,000 which I set at the beginning of the year. At the current pace I know we will exceed the Canadian target. We will, however, likely fall short of the US target.

FFJ Portfolio Monthly Dividend Income

During May 2017 I sold our TSX: DH shares and acquired shares in TSX: T and TSX: IFC.

In my April 2017 report I indicated I was planning to transfer sufficient BNS shares so as to maximize our $5,500 annual contribution to 3 different TFSA accounts. I have not yet done this and think I might take a different tact.

In March 2017, DH issued a press release indicating it had entered into definitive agreement to be acquired by Vista Equity Partners. The majority of DH shareholders voted May 16th to accept the Vista offer, and therefore, we should be receiving cash for the shares held in my wife’s RRSP. Since we need to start our RRSP meltdowns well in advance of our respective 71st birthdays, this will be the second year in which we will withdraw funds from her RRSP. The cash withdrawn (net of any withholding tax) will likely be used to make the TFSA contributions.

In my April 2017 report I indicated I anticipated receipt of a significant inflow of funds in late May / early June 2017. On June 2nd I received ~$55,000. I did not add same to the FFJ Portfolio as I elected to deploy these funds in investment accounts which are excluded from the FFJ Portfolio.

I received another ~$221,500 on June 7th and these funds have been added to the FFJ Portfolio. Since I have no foreseeable need for these funds at any stage in the future, I will be investing this entire amount in equities if/when attractive investment opportunities present themselves.

That’s it for now.

How was your dividend income in the month of May? On a year-to-date basis, are you ahead or behind plan?

Note: I appreciate the time you took to read this post. As always, please send me any feedback and questions you may have.