Chevron Corporation – Conservative Bullish Option Strategy

I am of the opinion Chevron Corporation's (CVX) share price still has more upside potential but am also of the opinion that overall market conditions are ripe for a broad pullback.

This article presents the conservative option strategy I have employed to generate additional income while still according me the opportunity to benefit if CVX's share price rises slightly.


  • I am of the opinion there is still more upside to Chevron Corporation’s share price.
  • This conservative option strategy provides you with the opportunity to augment your dividend income while minimizing risk.
  • You own the underlying shares during the term of the option contract so you continue to receive your quarterly dividend.
  • This article presents a couple of Out-Of-The-Money Covered Call trades I initiated.


In this recent article I provided a recap of the options trades I have placed. I have also very recently published this article in which I provided a couple of bearish option trades you can consider if you are in agreement that the company’s shares are richly valued and are susceptible to a pullback.

In today’s article I discuss a conservative option strategy in which I think there is a very reasonable probability that the underlying shares will rise in value.

Chevron Corporation (CVX) is a company in which I have held shares for several years (shares are held in the FFJ Portfolio) and I know several readers of this blog also own shares.

While CVX’s share price has certainly experienced a rapid run-up following its pre-Christmas 2018 low of ~$100 I think there is a reasonable probability the share price has further room to rise.

If you are in a similar situation as me you might not want to part ways with your CVX shares. You are, however, interested in potentially generating more income from your shares.

If the current turmoil in Lybia escalates I envision oil and gas prices will rise. In addition, we are fast approaching the summer months in which oil and gas prices typically experience a bump-up as traffic volume increases.

At the same time, you might not be concerned if CVX’s share price tumbles if we get a broad market correction since you intend to hold these shares for the long-term. Personally, I have no intention of selling my shares and if CVX’s share price were to plummet I would likely acquire more shares.

Given my outlook vis-à-vis CVX, I have just initiated 2 different Out-Of-The-Money Covered Call trades; CVX shares are currently trading at $126.68.

Before looking at the Out-Of-The-Money Covered Call trades I executed please keep in mind that as the seller of Call contracts I run the risk of the buyer exercising their option before expiry. According to the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE):

  • 10% of option contracts are exercised;
  • 55% - 60% of option contracts are closed out prior to expiration;
  • 30% - 35% of option contracts expire worthless (Out-Of-The-Money with no intrinsic value).

These statistics suggest there is a low probability that the purchaser of the Call contracts will exercise their right to purchase CVX shares under the terms of the option. In all likelihood, I will either close out the contracts I wrote or the contracts will expire worthless.

September 20, 2019 $130 Calls

On April 8, 2019 I wrote 3 September 20, 2019 calls with a $130 strike price. This generated $3.90/share or gross proceeds of $1,170 (trading fees are nominal and are excluded in my calculations).

September 20, 2019 $135 Calls

I also wrote 9 September 20, 2019 calls with a $135 strike price through another account. This generated $2.21/share or gross proceeds of $1,989 (trading fees are nominal and are excluded in my calculations).

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Disclosure: I am long CVX.

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