This brief Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) article provides an update on the  August 2019 covered call option contracts I wrote in May 2019.

In my August 4th Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) article I mentioned I would provide a brief update on the August 2019 $165 covered call contracts I had sold May 15th at $4.10/share.

I was hoping ADP's share price would stay below $165 so the options would expire worthless meaning I would retain 100% of the premium I collected. Such has not been the case as ADP's share price jumped to just above $167 on August 16th.

I certainly do not want to have any of my ADP shares called away so I closed my position at a cost of $2.25/share. I then wrote November 2019 $180 covered call contracts and collected $2.30/share. By doing so I am not out of pocket any money.

I certainly hope ADP's share price does not rise to the $180 level any time soon. I want to acquire more ADP shares and am hoping for a broad market pullback which includes a retracement in ADP's share price to the mid $150s.

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