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In 1980, I graduated from university with a degree in Economics. I was a “young” 20 year old who had no clue of what I was going to do with the rest of my life. In fact, when I returned home at the end of my final school year, my parents asked me what were my intentions from a career perspective. I remember telling them that I intended to lifeguard during the summer and in September I would commence my job search. I distinctly remember their reaction and was shocked to be asked where I intended to live. Wow! What a wake-up call.

I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do nor did I have the first inkling on how to seek full time employment. These days, the internet has a wealth of information on this matter but in 1980….what was the internet?

My mother suggested I go to the Head Office of a couple of the major financial institutions in Montreal to obtain job applications. So I did. I brought them home, completed one of them, and returned it the following day (a Friday). Upon arrival at home my mother informed me that the bank at which I had dropped off my job application had just called and I was scheduled to be interviewed at 3 PM the next day. My reaction?

“What? Tomorrow is a Saturday! Can’t they see me on Monday?”…to which my mother responded “Where are you going to live?” If you think I am making up the date, time, and my conversation with my mother…. I definitely am not. There are certain events in the course of your life that get etched into your brain and this is one of them.

I had no prior interview experience and I had no dry runs so naturally one would immediately expect the bank would view me a prime candidate! Fortunately, someone on high must have been looking down on me that Saturday. The first person to interview me was a graduate from the university across the river from the high school I had attended. We literally just talked about our experiences at our respective schools. The second person who interviewed me was a graduate from the same university from which I had just graduated…in the same discipline. We just talked about our respective experiences at university.

At the end of my second interview, the interviewer said “I’ve never done this before but I am going to offer you a position right now.”

Before I knew it, I relocated from Montreal to Calgary to begin my career. My 4 years in Calgary were amazing and to this day I still am in contact with close friends I developed during that period.

Impressive beginning to my career…..wouldn’t you agree!?

Naturally things improved over time from a career perspective and my wife and I have been able to retire far sooner in life than most Canadians.

I think we have done a few things right with our life but clearly we do not have all the answers; we’re still learning! It is for this reason that I created this blog…to share my ideas and experiences and to learn from others.

I hope you enjoy the site and welcome your input as to how I can enhance this site so it becomes a reliable source of information for many.