Henry and his Wife’s Journey to Financial Freedom

When I initially created this blog I never thought I would encounter so many people who are passionate about taking their financial destiny into their own hands. Perhaps the #1 reason many readers have done this is because nobody else is going to treat their, and their family’s, financial future with the same level of care.

Since starting this blog in late 2016 I have received countless emails from readers who indicated they just got sick and tired of being sick and tired of being taken advantage of by “financial professionals”. Eventually these readers decided to take their financial future in their own hands and through education they came to realize they can make pretty good investment decisions on their own.

In today’s post, Henry shares his story. He and I have corresponded for several months. His, and his wife’s story, is definitely inspirational so I was extremely pleased when he agreed to my request that he share his story and thoughts.

Henry is extremely sensitive to sharing too much information publicly. I know he stretched from his comfort zone to provide the information contained in this post and for that I am truly grateful.

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