We Make Investing Easier

We Provide Discerning Investors With Solid
Research On North American Companies That Have A
Visionary Management Team And Solid Cash Flow

Start Your Financial Journey Here

We Make Investing Easier

We Provide Discerning Investors With Solid Research On North American Companies That Have A Visionary Management Team And Solid Cash Flow

Start Your Financial Journey Here


What Is It And How Does IT Work?

Hello and welcome to Financial Freedom Is a Journey! You're probably scratching your head right now wondering why this is the "better way to invest". Here's why.

I, Charles Fournier, personally manage a Multi-Million dollar portfolio of investments in companies listed on the TSX, NASDAQ and NYSE.

Why should you care? Because as a member of my program, I will share with you details of the companies in which I am investing for the FFJ Portfolio and for other portfolios for which I am not prepared to publicly disclose details. I will also share with you the rationale for my investment decisions.

Every month I publish valuable reports on North American publicly traded companies.

I spend several hours researching a company...

  • poring through Annual and Quarterly reports;
  • reviewing company presentations;
  • reading the transcripts of quarterly analyst calls;
  • listening to management presentations at conferences;
  • reading analyst reports;
  • and reading industry publications.

This way, you don't have to unless you choose to do so. In essence, I try to make it easy for you to make an educated decision on when to buy, when to sell, and when to do nothing.

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From The Desk Of Charles Fournier,

I am a successful equities investor. My goal is to help you become one too.

In this regard, I am pleased to offer you this service to provide you with solid and ongoing actionable information to help you become a successful investor.

There are inherent risks to investing in equities. I do, however, know that taking a long-term perspective when investing in well managed and shareholder-friendly companies with competitive advantages can lead to long-term wealth creation.

Over the course of time I have learned that, in life, there are 2 types of people.

  • those who sit back and wait for opportunities to fall in their lap, and
  • those who go out and seize the opportunities.

If you fall in the latter group, let me help you seize the opportunities.

What Do I Need To do?
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My advice to VIP Members is:

Capital preservation is of utmost importance so seek investments with a margin of safety;

Look for companies with competitive advantages, a proven track record of success, and investor friendly management;

Invest for the long-term with one potential objective being the ability to transfer a substantial portion of your investments to the next generation;

Rarely sell an investment unless it becomes extremely overvalued or the fundamentals of the company have dramatically changed where my original thesis for investing in the company no longer applies;

Do not invest in fads;

Seek a prudent level of diversification so as not to be overly exposed to a single company or a single industry;

Do not over-diversify as it becomes too difficult to truly understand multiple businesses and industries;

Do not invest solely on the basis of dividend yield or years of continuous dividend increases.

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I act on my “buy” or “sell” recommendation. I actually invest in, or divest of, the companies I analyze.

The FFJ Portfolio consists of investments in various companies totalling in excess of $1,000,000. I do, however, have undisclosed investments well in excess of those held in the FFJ Portfolio.  As part of your membership I also analyze those companies and provide my investment recommendations.

There are thousands of companies listed on the major North American stock exchanges (ie. NYSE, NASDAQ, TSX). Each month I will analyze and provide my investment recommendations .

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