A Protect Yourself From Frauds and Scams Update

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2018)

This is a Protect Yourself from Frauds and Scams update and is a follow-up to my recent post entitled Protect Yourself From Frauds and Scams.

This morning I came across a post on Business Insider entitled Hackers are using a devilishly clever fake email attachment scam to break into people’s accounts.

How this works is detailed in a recent blog post by WordFence, a WordPress security firm.

In essence, this is a new email scam. The intent is to trick the email recipient to give up their email login details through the sending of a FAKE link to open a PDF document. The email appears to be legitimate because the scam email is sent from compromised accounts and uses subject lines and file names the target is likely to click on.

Yikes! Be super careful. The extent to which people will go to scam you is unbelievable!